Avonmore is currently undergoing the same Renewal project (Building Greater Neighbourhoods) underway in King Edward Park and Hazeldean. Roads will be re-paved, sidewalks and streetlights will be replaced. There will be noise, dust and access issues, but the outcome is a more attractive neighborhood. The neighborhood east of 83 St will be renewed in 2015. West Avonmore is planned for 2016. The City maintains a website with information on this program at:

Cost: There is a substantial cost to homeowners currently estimated at approximately $200/metre of street frontage (~$3000 for a typical 15 m lot). This can be paid immediately or spread over 20 years at ~$270 per year as an add-on to property taxes (including interest). This represents 50% of the cost to the City. Since home buyers in a new neighborhood pay all the cost for sidewalks, services and paving when they buy a lot, the City has decided older neighborhoods like Avonmore need to pay 50% of the cost for renewing these.

Details: Corner lots pay for their short-side frontage plus 15% of their long-side frontage.

Pie lots pay the average of their frontage and rear lot width.

We do not have a choice on drive-up angled curbs vs. straight up & down (90 degree) ones. This is determined by City planners and depends on street and sidewalk configuration and mature trees.

Alleyways are not being renewed in this program. Alley concerns should be directed to the City information line at 311. There is a plan to replace alley lights with new LED units, though this may not be coordinated with the Renewal.

Seniors with difficulty paying may be able to arrange for tax deferral using the Provincial Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program. However, any tax deferred would need to be paid back, with interest, when the house is sold. For information, search the City website for Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program, or call 311.

*This information is provided by the Avonmore Community League for your information. Contact the City of Edmonton Renewal Program ( /neighbourhood-renewal.aspx  or call 780-944-7665) for details.

If any community members have concerns about the project as it progresses, you may also contact the community league president. 

Streetlights: Following a door-to-door survey last fall, Avonmore residents (over 50%) have agreed to pay a small fee to upgrade their light fixtures above the standard, galvanized, unpainted street lights on curved poles. The upgraded fixtures will also have efficient LED lights.  

The cost will be $9.65 per metre of street frontage: about $150 one-time cost for a typical 15 m lot. Like the much larger cost of the sidewalk renewal, this can be paid over time: $0.84 per metre per year for 15 years, including interest (~$13 per year for a typical lot).

Black “Heritage” style streetlight in Woodcroft. This is similar to Avonmore’s preference, though we chose an octagonal post rather than fluted. The difference is only obvious close-up.

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