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  • Community spirit & pride, extensive programs, and improved facilities are the wonderful byproducts of community members working together.  Indoor and outdoor soccer and pick up hockey are a few of the sports made possible through the efforts of volunteers.  Or join interesting programs run at the City level or at the Community League Level.

    Avonmore has hosted crib tournaments, family fun days, sleigh rides, chocolate making, kinds Halloween parties, and yoga - just to name a few.
  • Membership has privileges.  Rent out the Community League Hall at a discount, and enjoy amenities such as the skating rink and large playground with spray deck!  There is also tons of room to romp in Avonmore Park!  When community league memberships are presented at city recreation centers you get a discount on specific admissions (or membership passes).  You can even get free admission.  And as a member, you are invited to the large promotional events put on by the EFCL.

    As a League, Avonmore sponsors a summer-time "Green Shack" program in the playground which provides tons of fun for young and old.  And we also sponsor free family swim times at local area swimming pools.
  • If you have a concern about your neighborhood, the league gives you a place to express your opinion and represent your interests regarding development and planning matters.
  • Parks, playgrounds and community halls get built!
  • For a safer, healthier neighborhood, league members also create groups to address concerns such as litter clean up or crime prevention.
Memberships can be purchased from community canvassers to your home late each summer / early fall or from the following businesses/organizations:
-  Dairy Queen on 75 St and 76 Ave
-  South East Edmonton Seniors Association- 9350 - 82 Street 
-  Curves Bonnie Doon - Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre

They are also available:
-  Online at http://www.efcl.org
-  By dropping off your name, address and payment in the Avonmore Hall mailbox 
-  By arranging with the Membership Director at membership@avonmore.org

The cost for a membership is:

Family - $25.00

Single - $15.00

Senior (single or couple)  $10.00

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