Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch

Personal safety and the protection of property appear to be a common concern shared by most. Recently, some Avonmore community members have been the victims of crime and have notified other residents. With the hope of building a safer community, the Avonmore Community League connected with the Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch (ENW) to discuss programming. To learn more about ENW, three volunteers attended the mandatory training in September. The Avonmore ENW team is hoping to implement programming with the hope of achieving the aforementioned goal of a safer community. So what is ENW?

  • A not-for-profit, charitable, volunteer, passive crime prevention organization;
  • Dedicated to building safer communities through the provision of crime prevention information and the support of neighbourhood level programs that encourage awareness, education, inclusion, and participation;
  • Encourages community members to connect with their neighbours and to look out for one another. 

ENW is neighbours who: Work together when there is suspected criminal activity; Notify others if property appears vulnerable to crime and Help neighbour’s property appear occupied when they are away.

ENW Programs:

Awareness Program – Provide information that will assist residents in becoming harder targets of crime;

Block Party Program – Host a block party with the goal of getting to know your neighbours;

Walk Your Block Program – Crime is reduced when residents are visibly present and active on their streets. Register your participation and log your walks;

Neighbourhood Sign Program – ENW signs are available to communities when residents sign up. A minimum of 25 signatures are required. Signs are installed at main roadways entering the neighbourhood.

Door Sticker Program – A door sticker to place at the front door, will be provided to each resident who completes the document indicating they will follow the practices of the ENW.

Moving forward, the current ENW volunteers will be connecting with community members to further discuss the Awareness Program, the Neighbourhood Sign Program, and the Door Sticker Program.

Further information on ENW is available at the following website, www.enwatch.ca.

Questions regarding ENW in Avonmore can be directed to ENW@avonmore.org.

Reporting criminal activity to the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) is crucial to preventing future crime and advocating for additional resources. There are several ways in which a crime can be reported:

To report suspicious activities: Contact EPS at 780-423-4567.

For a crime in progress with immediate threat to a person or property: Call 9-1-1.

If a crime has already occurred: Contact EPS at 780-423-4567 or report the crime online at www.edmontonpolice.ca/ContactEPS/OnlineCrimeReporting 

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